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Department of Urdu BZU Multan


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  • M.A.
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  • M.Phil/Ph.D.
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  • Established: 1975
  • Programmes of Studies:
  • Morning: M.A.; M.Phil.; Ph.D.
  • Chairperson:
    Dr. Rubina Tareen
  • Students' Advisor :
    M.A. (Dr. Aqila Bashir)
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The Department was established concurrently with the University in 1975, when post-graduate classes of M.A. Urdu in Government College, Multan were shifted to the University.  The University Department thus not only inherited the class but also the bright tradition of the patent Department.  Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah was the founder Chairman of the Department, whereas Prof. Dr. Kh. Muhammad Zakariya, Prof. Dr. A. B. Ashraf, Prof. Dr. Anwaar Ahmad, Professor Dr. Najeeb Jamal and Prof. Dr. Abdul Rauf Sheikh have also remained heads of this Department.  Renowned scholars, Prof. Khalil Siddiqui, Dr. Shamim Haider Trimizi, Dr. Farooq Usman and Dr. Naimat-ul-Haq have been associated with the Department as Visiting Professors.  Ten teachers of this Department namely Dr. A. B. Ashraf, (Now working as Principal Pakistan Embassy college,k Ankara, Turkey) Dr. Anwaar Ahmad (Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies & Languages), Dr. Abdul Rauf Sheikh, Dr. Rubina Tareen, Dr. Najeebuddin Jamal (Now Professor and Dean of Arts in Islamia University Bahawalpur), Dr. Syed Alamdar Hussain Bokhari (University of Sargodha on deputation), Dr. Mrs. Aqila Bashir, Dr. Muhammad Sajid Khan, Dr. Qazi Abdul Rehman Abid and Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz Khan, Have earned their Ph.D. degrees from this University.  Thirty three college teachers/scholars have obtained their Ph.D. degrees from this University.  At present 25 Ph.D. scholars are registered for the degree of Ph.D. Department of Urdu is the only department of this university whose whole faculty members hold Ph.D. Degree.

The Department offers facilities for M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes.  Regular M.Phil Programme was started from the academic session 1992-93.  Till last year thirty seven students have obtained M.Phil Degree.  Details regarding M.Phil and Ph.D. Programmes may be obtained from the office of the Department.  In 2005, a Persian Certificate Course started, 40 students get admission and successfully completed the course.

The students of this Department are serving as College and University teachers in Pakistan, talents of several is being utilized in media as well.  Three of its prominent students, Dr. Aslam Adeeb, Dr. Farooq Mashhadi and Dr. Saleem Haidrani have earned Quaid-e-Azam Scholarship and obtained Ph.D. degrees from U.K.

Research Profile of the Teachers:

Pro. Dr. Anwaar Ahmad is a well known and distinguished scholar.  He is working in this Department from the last 28 years.  He has been attached with Ankara University, Turkey as Urdu Scholar for four years from November 1995 to August 1999.  He has published eight books (Khawaja Farid kay Teen Rung, Urdu Afsana-Tehqiq-o-Tanqeed, Tehreek-e-Azadi mein Allama Iqbal ka kirdar, Yakja, Aik he kahani, Manto ki Bees Kahaniyan, Bedi ki Pandra Kahaniyan, Prem Chand ki Bees kahanian, Kh. Moeen-ud-din kay Dramay).  These books show his interest in various fields of research and criticism but his main research work is in the field of Fiction and Criticism.  His research in Urdu Short Story has encyclopedic standards and has been appreciated in the literary circles of sub-continent.  His more than fifty research and critical articles have been published in National and International Journals.  He has also won the best teacher award of U.G.C. (H.E.C) in the field of Humanities for the year 2000.  His 10 research students obtained Ph.D. degree.

Dr. Rubina Tareen's main field of interest is the study of literature in the perspective of Sufism but she is well acquainted with the new trends in literature and research.  She has published eight books namely (Izhar-e-Khayal, Multan ki Adabi-o-Tehzibi Zindagi mein Sufia-e-karam ka Hisa, Tehseen-e-Sher, Khawaja Ghulam Farid Shakhsiyat aur fun, Istlahat-e-Tassavuof, Laila kay Khatoot, Tahqeeqi-wa-tanqidi kutab ka Isharia, Multan main Lisani Tashkeelat ka Amal aur Doaserey Mazameen).  Her research has been appreciated widely.  She also has published her research articles in National and International Journals.  She is also Staff Editor of University Magazine "Chanderaab".  She has won the best Teacher award (humanities) for the year 2002 by H.E.C. Her 7 research students obtained Ph.D. degree, where as 2 such thesis are under evaluation.

Dr. Abdul Rauf Sheikh's main area of study and research is Criticism of Prose and Poetry.  He has published six books namely "Armughan-e-Haq, Syed Abid Ali Abid Shakhsiyat-o-Fun, Iqbal Shanasi aur Abid, Maqalat-e-Sir Syed, Intiqadi Mubahis, and Nepal mein Urdu Shaire".  He also got published 18 research articles in journals of repute.  His 5 research students obtained Ph.D. degree.

Dr. Alamdar Hussain Bukhari is a scholar whose areas of interest are Fiction and Criticism.  He has obtained his Ph.D. degree on "Urdu Short Story of Ghulam Abbas".  He has published eighteen articles in various important journals.

Main focus of Dr. Aqila Bashir's research is Fiction and Feminism.  The Topic of her Ph.D Thesis is "The Reflection of Women folk in Urdu novel".  She has compiled & published two books namely: "Bagmat kay ansoo, 'urdu nasar kay asaleeb".  She has published ten articles in various important journals. 

Dr. Qazi Abdul Rehman Abid's main areas of research are Fiction, Criticism and Mythology.  He has published two books: Urdu kay Numainda Classici Ghazalgo, Urdu Afsana aur Usateer.  He has published more than twenty articles in well reputed National and International Journals.  He is the Deputy Staff Editor of University Magazine "Chandraab".  His title of Ph.D. thesis is, "Urdu Afsane Main Asateery Alaamat".

Dr. Mumtaz Khan Kaliani has published two books "Payee-Khoob Tar Nigaray, Intikhab-e-Ghazal".  He also got published 3 research articles.  He is Deputy Editor of Faculty Research Journal.  His title of the Ph.D. thesis is "Nigar ke Adbi Rewayat-o-Khidmat ka tahqiqi-o-Tanqeedi Jaiza"

Ms. Shazia Ambreen has Published Twelve research articles.  She is arranging her Ph.D. dissertation on the topic "Maulvi Abdul Haq ki Tadveeni Khidmat".  Her M.Phil thesis has been published under the title "Multan mein Jadeed Urdu Nazam Ki Rewayat"

Ms. Sameera Ahmereen is a new induction in the department as a research scholar.  She is also doing her M.Phil with in department.

Research Facilities:

  1. The Department has a Research Library namely "Professor Khalil Siddiqui Research and Seminar Library" in which there are more than 10,000 rare and precious books and Journals.
  2. A reference collection namely "Gosha-e-Rashid Ahmad Siddiqui" in central Library has been established only for the researchers by Prof. Latif Arif.
  3. In the Library of Faculty of Islamic Studies & Languages, more than 12,000 books are available on Urdu Language and Literature.  These books can help the research students to meet their needs. 
  4. The Department is connected with National and International Libraries through Internet.
  5. There is a computer Lab with 20 systems in I.O.L. building with the service of internet facility.

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